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Where to get Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Consulting Support

Consulting Support is Critical to a Successful Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Implementation

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is the latest networking, virtualization and server feature offered by Microsoft, and a Windows Server solution that is adopted by both small companies and large corporations. However, we are not talking about installing an antivirus on your computer, as Microsoft Windows Server 2012 installation must be well-planned. Besides making sure that your data is not affected, it is important to make your Windows Server 2012 migration smooth, so the activity of your company would not be interrupted. In case you need to install the system as a new solution, if you don’t already have a previous version, you need the support of a specialized consulting partner, such as LG Networks.

  1. The process: LG Networks will analyze your networking needs, your current infrastructure and servers. We can tell you if Microsoft Server 2012 can be installed directly, or if you need a better infrastructure. You have the possibility to accept and refuse some services, but you need to know that LG Networks is open for negotiations. Once the package, the level of support needed and other aspects are clarified, we will get to the second stage.
  2. Installation: LG Networks has the best specialists employed – people that have experience with these kinds of servers. We will install the needed programs, according to the specifications of the contract, testing the features and facilities. Of course, your IT department would be included in all the stages, and we will also train your IT specialists to make sure that they can run the program after installing.

LG Networks will make sure that your implementation of Microsoft Server 2012 goes smoothly within your company.

The efficiency and expertise of LG Networks in implementing and managing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 extends to topics such as the Active Directory, network services, as well as the configuration for Hyper-V Server 2012.

Cost efficiency is considered an important matter, as LG Networks knows the importance of this aspect for small businesses. The Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is made to respect those principles, but with the help of our specialists, we can enable you to take full advantage of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 abilities to continually increase your VM density without additional licensing costs for virtualizing infrastructure and applications. The new features allow maximum efficiency of valuable server investments, a scalable way of managing information, and extensive support offered by this company to all its clients.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 can be installed over previous versions of the program, but it can also be installed as a new program. It is compatible with laptops, netbooks or any other device connected to a LAN. As for backups, you will never have to worry, as all your files and databases are backed up often. In case of problems, we also offer you data recovery.

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, networking and servers represents an important matter for your IT department, and this is why you need to make sure that everything is in order. This is why you can consider contacting LG Networks, to determine what could be improved and how you can benefit of the best Microsoft Server 2012 Support.

With an affordable Server 2012 Consulting service plan from LG Networks, you can:

  • Enjoy increased productivity – while not losing minimal work time
  • Concentrate on your business goals – while we handle all of your technology needs
  • Get your money’s worth out of your IT – with technology that will increase your ROI
  • Protect everything you’ve worked for – we make sure your data and network are secure
  • Relax – with a plan that’s predictable for your IT budget

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