The new version of Windows Server, released in 2012, comes with new features and capabilities. While this presents exciting opportunities to modernize, virtualize, and optimize that will give your company the competitive advantage you are looking for, all of these features can be confusing and time-consuming to implement and manage. For this reason, you might need the support of Windows Server 2012 consultants like LG Networks, a Dallas-based Managed Services Firm, to install and manage Windows Server 2012 for you. Let’s see the Windows server 2012 features that would be beneficial for your company.

Key Windows Server 2012 Features:

New Server Manager

The new interface allows you to create groups of servers, which can be administrated from a single console. This way, if you have different servers with the same attributes and tasks, you can group those into cells, and to have access to the specific information of those. This feature is great especially for small companies that don’t have a monitoring program installed.

Better SKU

The only major difference between the Standard and Datacenter packages is the fact that you can run two virtual machines with the Standard version, and an unlimited number for the Datacenter version. The Datacenter version offers a private cloud solution that is agile, focused, and cost-saving.

Command lines

One of the most interesting aspects of the Server 2012 features is the option to install a core of the program, or you can have it in full. It is preferred to install the Core with some options that you need. If you decide that you need the GUI later, you can install it easily, without reinstalling the program completely.

This feature is perfect especially when it comes to a new server, which is installed easily with the Core, and later, when you add other servers and computers, you can easily install the GUI.

Hyper-V Replica

Hyper-V is another interesting feature allowing you to “copy” a virtual machine in different locations, and to manage all of those with a simple network connection. The advantage is that you don’t need shared storage space, and it is also perfect for disaster recovery. Moreover, the interface is simple, so it can be used by any manager or employee.


PowerShell is one of the most useful Microsoft Server 2012 features. It is a powerful tool specifically designed to allow your company’s power-users to control and manage Windows applications.

Storage space

The new storage method proposed by MS 2012 is simple and effective. Basically, the common storage space is divided into drives, which can be accessed by different computers, depending on the privileges given to those. You can even create backup drives that are used just in case the common drives are full. This way, whenever the information on the network is too much for the current storage space, the new drives would intervene to accommodate the respective difference.

Microsoft Server 2012 provides users with a comprehensive management tool for their infrastructure. With Windows Server 2012, Microsoft has created a robust, scalable, cost-effective virtualization platform that will keep your network and its mission-critical applications running smoothly.

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