Windows Server 2012 Delivers Unparalleled Return on Investment

Windows 8 has been a huge focus for Microsoft during the last few years, with good reason – it’s their most popular product. But Windows Server 2012, and its related products, are a very important addition to the Windows family of products. The 2012 version comes with many features and options, and considering the fact that a new version of the program was not released since 2008 (With the exception of Windows Server 2011, which is actually an update of the 2008 version), we can say that it was the time for Microsoft to release something innovative, that provides a better return on the consumer’s investment.

Windows Server 2012 Pricing: Which Versions are Available?

WS Foundation is an OEM only, general purpose server package with no virtualization rights. It has a 15 user account limit.

The next package is Windows Server 2012 Essentials, perfect for small business environments, with a limit of 25 users. It features a simpler interface and pre-configured connectivity to cloud-based services and has no virtualization rights.

The Standard package is most popular for medium sized companies, and provides up to two virtual instances. It does, however, offer all the same enterprise-class features as Datacenter, the main difference really only being the virtualization rights.

The most powerful package is Datacenter, which offers unlimited virtualization instances. It is designed for highly virtualized private and hybrid cloud environments and it definitely provides full Windows Server functionality.

More and more businesses today are employing a hybrid cloud computing strategy. Even if Microsoft claims that the new Server 2012 is cloud optimized, this structure shows that the program was made more for accessing clouds than for creating those. In a world where Linux competes with Microsoft products on all levels, it is expected to see what other options would be offered by Microsoft to keep this product at a competitive level.

How to Buy Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is available through a variety of channels, and based on feedback from customers and partners alike, Microsoft has made choosing the right Windows Server package easier. All four versions of Windows Server 2012 provide excellent value and return on your investment, just simply select the one that best fits the size of your organization. It might be beneficial for you to enlist the support of and IT consulting company to help you choose the version that will deliver the most value for your company. Moreover, WS 2012 consultants like LG Networks and also evaluate the needs of your network, and the additional features that must be installed, reducing overall migration costs.

No matter where your company is on its path to the cloud, Windows Server 2012 has a package that will suit your needs. LG Networks can help you determine the costs that you can expect, install the correct version needed for your business or network, and establish what extra features are needed. Moreover, LG Networks can provide ongoing support for your upgraded network whether you are using Foundation with OEM only, all the way up to Datacenter with unlimited virtual instances.