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Macs and PCs—Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

Mac PCMacs and PCs

It’s not uncommon nowadays to see both Macs and PCs together in the same office. Technology has progressed to a point where both types of systems can now get along smoothly with each other. Its easy to share files between the two systems, share printers, have them communicate to each other on the same network, even run the same applications on both systems! Read on to find out how.

Unlike a few years ago when Microsoft’s Windows operating system virtually dominated office desktops everywhere, today we are increasingly seeing the use of other operating systems in the office. Typically these other systems are some model of Apple’s Macintosh running its own operating system called the OS X. The OS X, known for its sleek graphics, great multimedia handling capabilities, and easy-to-learn user interface, has gained favor among many users and businesses.

Sometimes, however, problems arise when having to use different systems in the same office or network environment. Here are some tips to eliminate common issues your users might face when working with others on a different system:

So running both Macs and PCs in the same office is not necessarily a bad thing, as it has been in the past. Dozens of options exist today to make the situation manageable, if not downright easy. If you need help, don’t worry  we’re here to assist. Call us today to find out how you can get Macs and PCs to work together for your business today.


Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org.
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