What is Server Virtualization


Server virtualization is the technological savvy way of creating multiple servers by dividing one physical server into various virtual environments. The created servers are known as guest servers, emulations or containers. Server virtualization forms part of the wider virtualization trends seen in most enterprises. Storage virtualization and network virtualization are among the current virtualization staging forth autonomic computing.

Embracing technology in operations of any entity is a necessary evil if at all the organization is out to lead as others follow in the industry. Every entity needs to be competitive, therefore the need to embrace technology in continuous operations cannot be understated. Server virtualization does not only drive up resources utilization rate but also drastically brings down operating costs, giving entities capacity to support new services. The IT world is very volatile, if you are left behind, it will be almost impossible to match with the aggressive competitors in terms on performance.

Getting the best company to hold your hand in implementing and continuous support of IT related services is imperative if you need to remain relevant. Server virtualization is one of those services which you cannot turn a blind eye. LG Networks is one of the first Microsoft chartered company to ensure that you remain relevant and also excel through technology. Server virtualization is one of the services that we have been offering, we continue to offer and we will always walk with our clients to ensure that their exact needs are met. Unlike our competitors, we acknowledge the diversity of our clients therefore we always endeavor to handle each client’s server virtualization needs uniquely.

There are various models to server virtualization that we offer, these includes,

The virtual machine approach

This model operates on the host- guest archetype. The created virtual machines run on an imitated virtual hardware. The computing resources are supplied from the host using hypervisor (virtual machine monitor VMM) to channel instructions to the CPU. Guests with various operating systems can be linked to the host, under this model.

Paravirtual machine paradigm (PVM)

Unlike the virtual machine approach of server virtualization, the monitor (VMM) modifies the visitor’s code of the operating system in a process called porting to be able to utilize the resources of the host.

Virtualization – OS level

This serve virtualization works under slightly different model. Unlike the two models above, the host operates a single OS and transfers functionality to the guests. Still, the guests cannot use a different operating system than that running in the host server. Separation of partitions is emphasized in this paradigm so that any security attack cannot get to the other partitions. Good enough still, under this server virtualization, thousands of guests can be supported at ago sharing a number of libraries and binaries.

Consolidate and save with our server virtualization technology

Our server virtualization is a strategy aimed at consolidating multiple tasks to be performed by fewer physical servers. This virtualization will save on machines acquisition capital, floor space and obviously energy usage helping entities to achieve optimal efficiency and higher profitability levels.

What are the advantages of LG Networks server Virtualization?

LG networks has stood the test of time in server virtualization in the industry. We proud in the stride we have made in offering our clients rich, diverse array of server virtualization technologies. With our cross industrial unequaled server virtualization, we that we will hold your hand to,


  • Reduce server running costs by reducing energy and cooling costs
  • Ease management and subsequent maintenance tasks
  • Conserve capital through optimal utilization of existing servers
  • Regain a lot of floor space in small data centers
  • Work on reliability and also accessibility to support robust service levels



Why spend more, get less, and put your enterprise under risk? Just employ our server virtualization services and you will never regret!



Optimize your IT investment

Is your technology taking up valuable office space? Do you dream of implementing new IT but lack the space? The solution is Virtualization from LG Networks, offering capabilities that enable you to separate your IT resources from your in-house environment. That means you can actually do more with less, because your technology will be delivered to you via the Internet, instead of taking over your office.

By virtualizing your in-house technology, you’ll be able to access more IT, more memory and more software than is physically installed in your office, because it’s all hosted by LG Networks offsite. Virtualization techniques can be applied to many aspects of your business IT, including networks, storage, laptop and server hardware, operating systems and applications.

That means you can free up more space in your office and on your hard drives, while we take care of your most important IT assets for you.

Virtualization from LG Networks enables your business to:

  • Improve application performance – with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Quickly become fully functional after a disaster – with simplified data recovery solutions
  • Increase utilization – by consolidating your servers
  • Go green – lower your electricity bill with fewer servers

Virtualization technologies provide space and distance between computing, storage, networking hardware and the applications they support – so you get more advanced technology without having to install more equipment.

Best of all, implementing a virtual infrastructure in your business is a smooth and effortless process, because using your computers will be no different. Once your Virtualization solution is active, your administrators can coordinate pooled resources across your business, freeing IT managers to be more responsive to changing market needs and make more efficient use of infrastructure investments.

See how Virtualization solutions from LG Networks
can propel your business to greater success.

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