LG Networks’ consulting, research, and advisory services are designed to deliver peace of mind whether you are evaluating your own IT infrastructure or considering a merger.

Regardless of your objective, successful consulting engagements begin with an understanding of the business objectives you want to achieve.

Our IT Consulting, Research and Advisory service is based on a six-step approach that enables us to determine what is best for your organization.

Outsource IT

Let LG Networks, Inc. Consulting, Research, and Advisory Services unlock the potential of your business with information and advice in these critical areas.

  • IT Infrastructure Consulting – Let us assess your needs and create a plan for a comprehensive range of services from network design and integration to security services.
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) – LG Networks can assess the current state of your software assets that helps you recognize what you’ve got, where it’s running, and any licensing overlap.
  • Regulatory Compliance – In order to comply with stringent government regulations, your compliance strategy must encompass the entire enterprise.
  • Technical Due Diligence – Just as you retain professionals to evaluate the financial and operational strength of a potential acquisition or partner, you may engage LG Networks to evaluate the strength and fitness of Informational Technology.

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