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Technical Due Diligence

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Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

Businesses do not always have the information needed to make an informed decision regarding potential partners, acquisitions, or opportunities. Thorough due diligence of an IT infrastructure will highlight unrecognized or potential issues, lead to an accurate evaluation of the business opportunity, and empower you to negotiate from a position of strength.

LG Networks offers experienced technical due diligence services and will objectively evaluate the technological fitness of an organization, department, or system for you.

The professional team at LG Networks has been assessing the Information Technology capabilities and capacity of companies for nearly a decade. Let us provide objective information, skilled assessment, and informed recommendations to mitigate the risk inherent in any of these possible business events:

  • Outsourcing or contracting
  • Acquiring another company
  • Merging with a partner
  • Embarking on a joint venture that will require the other party to create, enhance, and/or maintain software
  • Funding a software organization or project

Asking the right questions and getting complete information about the state of Information Technology is just as important as getting a complete picture of a company’s accounting, financial, legal, and operational profile.

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