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Your Password May Not Be Secure

As the number of Internet users and systems we use rise, we continue to see a subsequent increase in security breaches and concerns. Many companies make an effort to minimize the chances of these risks by implementing antivirus scanners and more. The problem is, they are still at risk – the biggest being from weak passwords. Many of the major... Read More

Computer Vs Mobile Processors

2013 was a great year for mobile devices, with many powerful models being released really pushing the envelope of what we can do with a phone. Take for example, the Nexus 5, which has a 2.26 GHz processor. At first glance, the processor speed puts it in competition with most mid-range laptops. But how does it really compare? Let’s take... Read More

Using The Power Button On OS X

MacBooks are among the most popular laptops currently available, with business and individual users turning to them in higher numbers than ever before. If you have a relatively new laptop, or have bought one in the past year then you will likely have OS X Mavericks installed. However, Mavericks has some interesting features that you may not know about. One... Read More

Differences Between BCP and DR

A disaster can strike your business at any time and at any level of severity. These problems can also come in different guises, from something as small as the loss of yesterday’s data, to as large as a disaster that damages your whole office. Regardless of the type of problem, your business should be prepared for any potential disaster. Two... Read More

5 Useful Google Calendar Labs Features

The calendar is among the most useful tools that businesses have at their disposal. While a physical calendar is still in common use, digital calendars, like Google Calendar, are quickly becoming the mainstay, largely because they are so handy. What you may not know is that there are some hidden features located in Google’s Labs that can make this app... Read More

Computer Contact Management

As a business owner, you probably rely on a smartphone as your main form of connection with the office. It may even be your main communication device. If you use a smartphone, you likely have a large number of contacts, and if you have ever tried to manage these on your phone then you know it’s not so easy. One... Read More

Make A Business Case For ERP

The need for new business management software, like ERP and CRM, is usually first recognized by the finance and line of business managers. You see the inefficiencies first hand – employees tracking information in spreadsheets, time lost searching for information and reports that don’t answer the right questions. But convincing the boss to invest the time and money in a... Read More

Voice Commands For Google Now

Android phone users have a wide variety of apps available to them, including more than 10 directly from Google. One of the more potentially useful one of these is Google Now. This app is marketed as a virtual personal assistant that can help you find the information you need by using Google Search. It presents useful additional information too and... Read More

Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

Social media brings many different benefits to business users, and one of the most useful is that they provide businesses with a way to connect with their customers on a deeper level. It’s true that Facebook is the most popular network, but LinkedIn is also a valuable platform that can really help users connect with other like-minded people and related... Read More

Windows Vista New Security Threat

New Security Threat in Windows Vista Microsoft develops many of the business world’s most popular software. From operating systems to document production, the company offers numerous versions of popular software. This often leads to security issues with one version or another, and in early November the company announced that they had found a threat affecting Vista, Lync and older versions... Read More

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