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External hard drives in business

There are many essential components to the computer. One of the more important is the hard drive, which is where data and programs are stored. Without a hard drive, most computers would be more or less useless to the majority of users. Because they focus on storage, hard drives have limited space and in order to add more, some users... Read More

New OS X 10.9 for online surfers

Apple is a big fan of releasing near yearly updates. You can count on a new version of OS X to be released annually, bringing with it new features and some pretty heavy marketing. On October 22, Apple released the latest version, OS X Mavericks. Now that it is finally out, you should be able to upgrade, but do you... Read More

Backing up data? Avoid these mistakes

One of the most important aspects of your business is the data you store. From client information to emails and even whole business functions, the data you store needs to be protected. While companies are starting to take steps to protect data, many are not taking enough steps to ensure efficient backup. If you are looking to protect your data,... Read More

Change Chrome’s New Tab page

Google is always changing their products and services and this is simply the nature of the tech industry. While it is true that any company that doesn’t develop likely won’t be around for long, sometimes the alterations don’t meet the approval of some users. A good example of this is the recent change to Chrome’s New Tab page. The New... Read More

CryptoLocker – what you need to know

One of the biggest threats to the security of any business network is malware. There are many different forms of malware out there that can infect systems in a nearly unlimited number of ways. In the past few weeks there have been numerous stories about CryptoLocker – a new form of ransomware that is proving to be a problem for... Read More

3 unexpected reasons you should implement ERP

Several unexpected reasons you will need to implement ERP Producing the change to a new Enterprise Resource Setting up (ERP) application is a huge step. You’ve heard the usual arguments about improved productivity and consolidated info aimed at convincing a single to take the start. But you will discover other factors that are not consequently evident that can rationalize moving... Read More

2 new Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft released the Surface and Surface Pro last year to generally positive reviews, but the systems generally lacked what business users wanted. The Pro, for example, was overly costly, which turned many businesses off the device. Now, more than one year later, Microsoft has announced a second version of the Surface tablets. In late September, Microsoft held an event where... Read More

Instagram – 3 ways to use it

In order to reach a bigger market or expand brands, companies are increasingly turning to social media. The network of choice for many businesses is Facebook, and while it is great, actually creating visual content like images is tough. That’s why Instagram could be quite useful. Because it allows users to take and share images and connects with Facebook, businesses... Read More

Google Places gets new app

Google Places It’s now more or less expected that a business have a presence online. Even businesses that rely solely on foot traffic should have a website, or at the very least, a way for customers to find more information about them online. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a Google Places for Business page.... Read More

New Terms of Service for Google

It’s common practice that when you have an online account or use a website, you have to agree to a Terms of Service. This document outlines how you should use the service and what will happen if you misuse it. Companies like Google get you to agree to this when you create an account and will periodically update it. In... Read More

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