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VoIP – 5 Reasons To Switch

Technology of any kind has become an important business component. While many companies are upgrading servers, virtualizing environments and even implementing the cloud, there is one function often ignored: The telephone and phone lines. One option to modernize older phone systems is to upgrade to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). If you are using older, more traditional phone systems, here... Read More

What are packet delays?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems have proven to be an incredibly disruptive technology. With companies of all sizes increasingly relying on these systems for their telecommunications needs they have become the go-to system. However, despite how great this technology is, there can be issues with call quality and delays. Experts usually attribute this to something called ‘packet delays’. Are... Read More

10 VoIP terms defined

For many people, technology is incredibly complex and confusing and often regarded as the domain of highly specialized experts. Sure, the vast majority of us know how to use a fair amount technology, but when it comes to understanding technology terms there are often blank stares. This is certainly true with regard to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which has... Read More

Here are five important VoIP features

While email has definitely become the most popular form of communication for businesses, there’s still something about a good old fashioned phone call that email just can’t convey. One of the most popular phone systems in use these days is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which uses an Internet connection to convey phone calls. Are you looking for a new... Read More

Facebook Messenger+iPhone = free calls

Social websites has taken as one particular of the major transformation agents to modern contemporary society Its popularity has located over a billion persons on one service, Facebook or myspace. Here persons can hook up with one another in ways previously unprecedented, and it’s Messenger software permits users to chat with one other through its Messenger app. It’s not unexpected... Read More

Here’s 5 benefits of VoIP

VOIP Benefits Imagine the last time you were dealing with a frustrated customer over email. It can be hard to convey meaning through the digital medium, context is often missed. That’s why a good old-fashioned phone call can do wonders. Traditional phone systems are a large investment, however there is an alternative: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The question many... Read More