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Where To Go After Office 2010 End Of Life

The changing face of Microsoft Office Recently, Microsoft announced that it would be ending extended support for Microsoft Office 2010 come October 13th, 2020. While this is in line with the typical support cycle for the company’s software, what’s new has been the push to the subscription-based Office 365 and Office 365 ProPlus over the one-time purchase of prior versions... Read More

Increase productivity with SharePoint

One of the biggest drivers of a company’s success, regardless of the size, is collaboration. If your employees can’t work efficiently together or with external parties, chances of success are fairly slim. This is especially important for small businesses where employees may fill more than one role, often with only a basic understanding of that role, which leads to lower... Read More

Wow them with headings and TOC

In business, a properly formatted document can go a long ways in showcasing how professional your company is, and often times, is the the main way to set your company apart from other competing entities. If you have a longer document, say a proposal, you’re going to need a Table of Contents (TOC). Instead of struggling to make your own,... Read More

Four apps can put Office on your tablet

Microsoft enjoys a monopoly on Office suites for desktop computers, although where it’s lacking presence is in the smartphone and tablet markets. Because of this, many businesses are stuck without an office suite that allows them to open, create and edit documents on their Android tablets. App developers have realized this and have answered the call. Here are four apps... Read More

Big league keyboard shortcuts for Word

There are very few software programs used by nearly every business. One of these programs is Microsoft Office which is available on nearly every major operating system, and has captured a large user base. Word is Office’s word processor and is an integral part of most knowleddge work, yet some struggle to master it. To make using Word even easier,... Read More

Do your presentations fall flat?

Think about the worst presentation you’ve even seen. Chances are high the audience was either asleep or completely disinterested. What made it so bad? Was it the presenter or was it the slides the presenter used? More times than not, it’s poorly prepared slides that ruin a presentation. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are nine tips on how... Read More

Do Your Employees Create Good Presentations?

“Microsoft PowerPoint”, “presentations” and “effective” are three common buzzwords used throughout all businesses. Heard separately, most employees are comfortable with each, but put all three together and a problem appears: Many presentations are simply not effective. Is this true for your organization? It’s important that you, that as a manager, you ensure that your employees are creating PowerPoint presentations that... Read More

Microsoft Excel Errors, What Do They Mean?

When we hear someone mention “Microsoft Excel” many of us will instantly think of an open spreadsheet we are working on, or have recently seen Known by all business owners and managers, and mastered by few, Excel has become one of, if not the, most widely used business applications. While it is a widely used program, there are a number... Read More